Wednesday, 18 July 2012

From Accountant to Future Teller

by Viviana Gomez - July 18, 2012

Some months ago I was researching the increasing popularity of the paranormal phenomena. I found that this phenomenon is historically influenced by the antagonism of two groups in different levels: the skeptics and the believers. One group can be as close minder as the other one in their own opinions and beliefs, but it is from this conflict where I learn most.

In this journey, and thanks to the intervention of a good friend, I had the luck to meet Ariana, a professional tarotist, who lives in Spain. She has the unusual background of being first an accountant and then a psychologist before she decided to leave her rationalist professions and use the power of the cards and planets to help people. Below you can find our chat:

What exactly do you do for living?
Im tarotist, but I don't always reveal it because it doesn't have a good reception. This is related with our culture. Usually I introduce myself as astrologist. I am also astrologist, and a professional in alternative therapists. This is more accepted. So, I introduce myself in this way, and usually people ask for my help as tarotist.