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From Accountant to Future Teller

by Viviana Gomez - July 18, 2012

Some months ago I was researching the increasing popularity of the paranormal phenomena. I found that this phenomenon is historically influenced by the antagonism of two groups in different levels: the skeptics and the believers. One group can be as close minder as the other one in their own opinions and beliefs, but it is from this conflict where I learn most.

In this journey, and thanks to the intervention of a good friend, I had the luck to meet Ariana, a professional tarotist, who lives in Spain. She has the unusual background of being first an accountant and then a psychologist before she decided to leave her rationalist professions and use the power of the cards and planets to help people. Below you can find our chat:

What exactly do you do for living?
Im tarotist, but I don't always reveal it because it doesn't have a good reception. This is related with our culture. Usually I introduce myself as astrologist. I am also astrologist, and a professional in alternative therapists. This is more accepted. So, I introduce myself in this way, and usually people ask for my help as tarotist.

Is it more requested the Tarot than the Astrology?
Thats in my case, because I understand that it has more to do with something we already have and we attract without looking for.  It is the way the Tarot came into my life, how I discovered myself as tarotist and the way it is must be applied. The same magic that the cards show, it is shown in the tarotist life. You know, there is who shuffle the cards just for doing a business, or without taking enough care of it, but the real tarotist has the gift.

You introduce yourself as astrologist before than tarotist, preventing the reaction of the skeptic on the other side

but at the same time you have more requests for Tarot than for Astrology.
It is a protection of their reputation, for example I attend many psychologists, doctors, usually women, sometimes men but most women, that cant admit they consulted a tarotist. They do not even comment about it because it would looks like as if they are "questioning" their own profession. However, the Tarot doesnt change anything really, because the therapy adds. But then they have to admit that there is something they know when you are doing a reading of the cards, and also they would have to accept the prestige of the Tarot.

So, if you are in a scientific, skeptic environment, where precisely the Psychology points as pathology, more than a real experience, everything related to magical thinking, I can understand their resistance, right?
Yes, sure. I have two conclusions related to this point: one is that off the record they (psychologist) admit that what they are doing is not working so they come for help. As they realize that there is something else, that you can name destiny, or something else, or whatever you want, that is beyond ourselves. And on the other hand, if you apply a rational analysis, they also use magical thinking when they believe that only with their rational thinking or consciences they have the power to change things.
Well, we have to talk about destiny at this point, that is the Astrologys core actually, and the forbidden subject.  I dont mean that human being is 100% submitted to destiny, but only knowing it, is how we can act.  This could be something similar to know that the winter is coming nothing will change that, but I know. I cant change it, but I will be better prepared for it.  They (skeptics) have the magical thinking that they can deny the destiny just without mention it.  The paradox is that they are more believers in this magical way of thinking that they can change the events. For example, that a doctor can simple cure or not, when actually there are other factors (said by a physician).  They find that there is something else.

Well, actually that dichotomy between science and paranormal, or science and religion, is something very occidental. Occident has made a deep division about it since the middle age
Well, here we are introducing us in the history, where this matter gets sense knowing that there was a dramatic astrologists and tarotists' s hunt down. The inquisition had burnt, it is said, 9 millions women at the stake. This should be imposing in the unconscious in some way as a strong prohibition and a deep belief that there is something else. If this (Tarot and Astrology) was a foolish activity, a superstition, why did such hunt take place? If this was just an entertainment, a hobby as well as painting could be, why all these persecution? What was bothering so much? This imposition is basic to understand, as a prohibited thinking, that today we are trying to revert. But people still afraid because it could be related with something demoniac, with an evil concept. Today, it could sound ridiculous, but this idea has been imposed.

The inquisition also hunted down scientists, the well known episode about Galileo Galilei
In that time, science and astrology worked together. No physician ignored astrology. It is in middle age's documents where you can find that physicians and medicine were complete associated with Astrology.  No physician would give a diagnostic without consulting the astrology to see what was more convenient. Later came up the split up, the fragmentation, where an opposition started, but they are really just one thing. The same issue happened with the king that wouldnt dare to go to war without consulting his astrologists and they werent ignorant, all the kings used to do that. 

This knowledge come from a very antique time, and more than that, nobody knows for real where this all came from. There is a fact, for example, very significant, related to the signs and their symbology. So, you have the Aquariuss sign as a little house, that in antique books were translated as the water bearer, but today, when you look better you can recognize that they are waves, television waves. That means that the Tarot come with a pattern that shows technologies unknown by that time. This is related with the future when we are talking about the patterns. When we born we already have a genetic pattern, if I could see the pattern I could guess the future of that child: how he or she will look like, what eyes color will have. I am not guessing, the information is in the pattern. So, there, the future is hold. For example, the genetic pattern is already in the gestation and if I could read it I could say how that person will look like, and at what age he or she will start puberty, etc. If someone is watching us saying all this predictions could think that we are guessing, but not really, this information is already in the genome.

Did you start your professional career as psychologist?
I started as accountant.

Nothing more rational
I used to work as account manager and I was doing really well. Obviously, I felt into an existential crisis, an internal call then I started studying Psychology. In that moment I met a person that was astrologist and with her I found out that the Astrology has nothing to do with the horoscope that make us believe in

The newspapers horoscope
Exactly!  When I started to study, I discovered that this is the kind of Psychology that I wanted, because Astrology is Psychology, is antique Psychology. But in that moment I didnt take it seriously, because we look at the cards as a game. And then this started to open up, to develop and it is as I always say, like a painter that receives the tools to paint and starts playing with it, and discovers his/her gift to paint. The Tarot is a tool: The painters brush. Then the intuition starts to develop there. Obviously we bring the talent. If we didnt bring it then is null. If you give the brush to someone that doesnt know how to paint, nothing will happen.

Sure, obviously.
Without going further, the Tarot works with symbols and archetypes of the unconscious. It is not just any symbol, and you know this when you start working with it.  This is about the future and with the anticipation of time from a part in ourselves that want to make us know. Plays in our side and always against the adversity. You never have to be afraid of the tarotist, considering that you are in front of a real professional, because there must be people that play with our basic fears about the future and take advance to make a business. This is the same as a bad doctor that orders a surgery over someone just for money. The tool is a positive thing. We have to discriminate. The tool is given to us to help us to see.

Did it never happen to you to be in the middle of a Tarot reading and have no idea what to say to the other person, like blank?
Well, that could happen when the other person actually doesnt want to open up. Same as someone going to the therapist but that doesnt want to change for real and the therapy fails. Because you can't do anything if the person doesn't want to.

Dont you get skeptics that come to test you? I mean for example, I want you to tell me my past first to see if you are real or not, and starting totally close to the reading?
There is always a little of skepticisms, thats why the Tarot opens first the past to gain the trust of the person that comes looking for help and realizes that I as tarotist, without knowing anything about this person, actually can read him or her, to entrust him or her.  You talk with this person about things that will gain his/her trust.

Ok, but it could be that this person does believe in Tarot but wants to know if you are reliable or not, as a professional, but what happen with those that dont believe in anything, much less in Tarot? Do you get one of those characters coming to see you?
I think that is a level issue. Everybody has some sort of a skepticism level and a believer lever. You shouldnt be a blind believer either. We are working with subtle energies and we should be open to hear, but also be guide by intuition to understand what it is real and what it is not. Because there is so many wrong information, that it is healthy to be skeptic. We have to have a balance of these levels. I had already my skeptic side and I questioned myself a lot with being a tarotist and show myself as one. In this world being a tarotist is more degraded than being a prostitute, with my apologies for the comparison.

Really? Have you been so tortured?
Yes, is very, very, very degraded. So, it is a little hard. And it is good what you are doing here, opening the possibility for the people to know and understand what really this is.  But sometimes find a meaning in an event, know that there is something else that knows that, and say it, as a part of a plan, a map like in Astrology, for example, brings a calm feeling, a trust that there is an order in everything where we are living in.

Psychology also looks for the cause effect, an order to bring to the person that is suffering whatever is suffering, an understanding, a catharsis, or whatever, right?
Yes, actually it is also what happens in Astrology, Tarot and Psychology, but the Psychologys techniques work with the id, ego and superego with open agenda. The point is that the Psychology gets rid of the trauma and that can give you an order, and the Astrology brings the why you went through that trauma. Because the last question would be: this happened to me because I had this trauma, but why did I have to live that trauma? Why did I have to go through this?

Ah, ok
What is the meaning for me, in a spiritual level, having suffered these situations? It brings you information, is a map over the map. Dont null the other, so it is perfect. We dont invalidate the science, or the Psychology, we simple want them to give us our room. Add.

Did you have any situation that kept you thinking about it, or that it was significant, that made you change, ... or scared you?
Well, for example, when I started with astrology, what did impact me very much was the fact that I shuffled one card (I was a beginner student and I supposedly didnt know, I didnt have the knowledge yet, I was just practicing to learn) and then after going to sleep, in my dreams, I was reading the card to a person and I could understand its meaning completely. I had to wake up and start to write down everything that was actually dictating my unconscious. I didnt have an explanation at that time, but I could read a card in dreams.

Good for you that you can remember your dreams after waking up!
That was the worst part because I had to sleep with a notebook at my side and I had to wake up and write, write, write, to avoid lost anything. Everything was coming out without asking for it and that knowledge there was already in me. Thanks by that part in me I was being dictated by with that information. So, this is as I say..., we come already with something we bring, because it is impossible to know a cards meaning from a human mind, it is very complex. And it happened to me that with only see the card was enough, and then I went to sleep, because I had found out that that was how I could read it. And I started to develop this, and now with only see a card the information comes down, to describe it in some way, and I already know what I have to say. You know, it starts to open a kind of connexion, like the painter connects with his inspiration and creates a picture, or the musician when he claims that the music reaches him/her. But obviously we are talking about something much deeper, right?
I had a lot of clairvoyance as well, for example, I used to work with a psychologist and we shuffled the cards to patients and she was with me in a coordinated work, an open therapy. And when I brought up a subject it was impressive how it triggered the therapy to a catharsis.  It is very impressive. So, you can advance on the therapy faster I am not denying the psychology part; the same psychologist told me that with this method they can advance over the therapy faster. You know, you cant be with a problem for months, in this way the astrology can give you a faster diagnostic and speeds up the process a lot. This is what I was saying before about adding, because, for example, if a person is sick, the physician will take care of him/her, but the astrology will establish the predisposition of the patient for that illness, the length of the illness, and the planets that could affect this person. Those are things that can add. But obviously the doctor has to take care of the patient as well as the psychologist. The astrology can give a faster diagnostic and the psychologist can use this and apply their techniques.

Do you shuffle and read the cards to yourself?
It was a time I used to. Now what I do it is just ask myself. Of course, I got also information and the answers of my questions through dreams.

I am asking because the psychologist cant practice therapy to him or herself, has to ask to other professional for help. The dentist cant treat him or herself, must go with other professional. When you need to read the cards to yourself, it is possible or there is something there that could trick you and finally you would need the objective view of other tarotist?
Unfortunately or not, the astrologist knows her/his own astrological native map and there you have a tool beside you. You can see the planets and know what is going on. If you see a card of changes, you know. It is like a doctor that knows his/her own diagnostic. For good or for bad the knowledge is there and it can makes life more difficult or easier because you already know, wanted or not. Because sometimes without wanted or looking for a card, it shows up anyway.

But the Tarot doesnt talk about absolutes, it gives probabilities
In a wide percent we have plenty of possibilities to choose. For example, the winter is the winter, but you can be ready. But, sometimes this could be hard but the winter will be anyway. And you would have to face situations that would be harder than you expected, but even a person in prison if he/she knows that his/her time will be short  he/she can take advance of it, and live much better than fighting against destiny. We are talking about extreme situations here, most of us have freedom. Much more freedom than who is in prison, but even a person knowing how to manage that can change a lot of things, even in prison. The destiny goes beyond of being in prison or not.

Ok, I deny all the magic, all the paranormal phenomena because science is showing me that all this doesn't exist. But in the other hand, I have a lot of testimonies, a lot of stories, a lot of things that I cant deny either. I can tell you, from 10 persons I asked if they had experienced some paranormal phenomena, 9 said they did...
Sure, what it is happening is that in every era there is a change, a change of paradigms or fundamentals beliefs, basic beliefs, the roots. There is a fight between the old and the new. And always the new cant be imposed quickly. In general, there is a fusion because there are old components that need to be kept and a new paradigm is created. A new paradigm needed today by the human being, because the human being has already grown up and the basic old belief are not enough. The Astrology is precisely talking about this crisis moment, astrologically pointed in a world wide and planetary level. So, we need this tool more than ever. This is showing that the human being needs deeper answers and he is  looking  unconsciously to search this new knowledge that is already there, and it is wanted and needed.  And this knowledge was, in some way, kept to be discovered in this time when the human being can open to this knowledge, and will realizes that life changes, adding more colour to it.

It was a pleasure; I am looking for do another interview with you and next time capture you on camera
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Thank you so much

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