Sunday, 18 August 2013

Last Farewell

The room was in the darkness when he woke up and saw his friend at the end of his bed. They attended grade 2 together and they were best friends. His friend had been absent from school the last whole week.  He only knew his friend was very ill and had to stay at the hospital. Now he was there smiling at him. He smiled back and then his friend walked out of the room. He didn't follow him. He knew.1

Tales of widows seeing their late husband sitting on the foot of their bed or children encountering the manifestation of their dead sibling in their bedroom are legion, and even recently departed family pets have even been occasionally reported. Many had been written about spirits and ghosts, but this particular phenomena is usually the shortest in duration of all encounters where the spirit simply stays behind to give to a loved one, the last farewell.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tauromachy from Spain to Atlantis.

Since a U.S.-led research team headed by  researcher Richard Freund and detailed in "Finding Atlantis," a National Geographic Channel special,  believe to located the lost city of Atlantis, the legendary metropolis, in mud flats in southern Spain, I started to wonder if the tauromachy  culture from Spain are related with the Atlantean system of bull worship described by Plato.

Plato says that the bull was important in Atlantis' culture. Since the beginning of Summer the bull was lunar and the horns represented the crescent moon. Another interesting aspect of Atlantean society is that some custom seems to have been preserved to this day. This is a custom, known to us all and with which some disagree, which is practiced mainly in Spain and southern France: the bullfight. The only difference with the bullfight is that the bulls are killed during capture here and during a sacrifice in Atlantis. The Atlantean kings knew in fact a religious custom, which was to catch a bull from a herd in semi-liberty in order to undergo a religious sacrifice. These same kinds of sacrifices existed in ancient Egypt. The Bible tells of sacrifices of bulls in honour of divine justice.

Friday, 4 January 2013

That Place Called Time

We are ready. We are waiting for that phone call. Time pass slower as tension increases in silence. We are a few of us waiting at the student house for that verdict. The delay puts some shy hope in our look and allows our bodies relax just a bit when the phone rings and we jump. The phone rings and continuous ringing but nobody have the courage to answer. Finally the tension is so high that makes me wake up as well as the phone’s rings in my living room.

Dream incorporation is a common phenomenon whereby an actual sensation, such as environmental sounds, are incorporated into dreams, such as hearing a phone ringing in a dream while it is ringing in reality or dreaming of urination while wetting the bed. Sounds, smells, lights and other stimuli from our sleeping environment often get absorbed into our dreams, challenging our dreaming minds to incorporate them into the dream storyline in a way that makes sense. It is well known that during our sleep there may be many external stimuli bombarding the senses, and the brain often interprets the stimulus and makes it a part of a dream in order to ensure continued sleep. Many of you had experience the incorporation of external stimuli in a dream, and most probably very similar as mine. When you hear the doorbell, it begins. Your brain is racing madly creating the story. You might wake up three seconds after, but in that time you'll have dream a one-hour story.