Friday, 4 January 2013

That Place Called Time

We are ready. We are waiting for that phone call. Time pass slower as tension increases in silence. We are a few of us waiting at the student house for that verdict. The delay puts some shy hope in our look and allows our bodies relax just a bit when the phone rings and we jump. The phone rings and continuous ringing but nobody have the courage to answer. Finally the tension is so high that makes me wake up as well as the phone’s rings in my living room.

Dream incorporation is a common phenomenon whereby an actual sensation, such as environmental sounds, are incorporated into dreams, such as hearing a phone ringing in a dream while it is ringing in reality or dreaming of urination while wetting the bed. Sounds, smells, lights and other stimuli from our sleeping environment often get absorbed into our dreams, challenging our dreaming minds to incorporate them into the dream storyline in a way that makes sense. It is well known that during our sleep there may be many external stimuli bombarding the senses, and the brain often interprets the stimulus and makes it a part of a dream in order to ensure continued sleep. Many of you had experience the incorporation of external stimuli in a dream, and most probably very similar as mine. When you hear the doorbell, it begins. Your brain is racing madly creating the story. You might wake up three seconds after, but in that time you'll have dream a one-hour story.

So far so good, except for a little detail I couldn't forget. I remember the silence before the ring. I remember a "before" without the sound that would wake me up “later”. A before silence, and a later sound. That silence, that "before", I cannot forget. Was it an illusion built by my sleepy brain to ensure continuous sleep? Or that explanation is just the acceptable scientific answer to avoid facing the possibility of a paranormal phenomenon: precognition?

Could my brain knows that the phone was going to ring before it happens? How? Could be possible that my brain, my unconscious anticipate the future? Could every brain of every person have precognitive skills? If you ask me, my perception of my particular dream is that there was a "before".  Even though it could be a nanosecond before, the existence of a ”before" reveals me a precognition. It was a particular personal experience but that "before silence" was so intrigued that I couldn't forget it, as I did with the rest of the dream.

So if my unconscious is able to foretell, even though I am not a psychic or a medium or anything similar, the knowledge of the future might be there to be perceived and revealed by any brain. 

So now I am wondering about what is time. If precognition is possible, time might not be lineal. If my brain can see something is because is already there, somehow and somewhere, in the present. If the future is able to be perceived right now, the future might be also "now". I wish you are following me so far because it gets better.

The time then, is not a line but a place.  We are forced to travel in a lineal route across the time just to reach our goals, like a train is travelling across the countryside to reach a destination. We exist in the dimension that is the inside of that train travelling from one point to another. But if you are able to look at that train from the outside, from other dimension, you might be able to see the train trajectory, where the train is coming from and where it goes. If you are up on a hill you can see even more far away and see that the train will have to cross a bridge or a river or a city. Up on that hill you can see, in your present, much better all the trajectory of the train, or its past and its future. The bridge, river and city are part of the same place, and the same now for you up on that hill.  But if you are inside the train, the bridge, the river or city is not there and it is not part of your present. It is a future you cannot see yet. The unconscious has the ability to go up on a hill. The conscious has the duty to focus our existence and our surviving inside the train: show the ticket to the guard, don't miss the luggage, find our seat, etc. The unconscious and conscious have a symbiotic relationship of love and hate.

So then the unconscious stores a huge amount of knowledge that we are not really aware of. That knowledge is so huge, chaotic and mostly so unnecessary for our surviving inside the train that it should be filter by the conscious, and very much. And that filter is so amazingly good that we basically are ignorant of everything except the information that will help us to pay the ticket and get us on time for the next station. And time is simplified as simple as it can be, as a line.  Past, present and future that is happening now, all around us, is  blocked to us to organise our existence more efficiency by before and after steps.

Through the Wormhole - TV show episode Hosted by Morgan Freeman

So, if the unconscious can gets out of the train and can climb up to the hill and sees... everything, means that it is free to travel out of our 3D dimension. Our conscious in the other hand, makes the huge effort to keep us focus in it.  Our brain gets involve in such a tremendous stress to avoid us the chaotic knowledge, and save us from that very troubled sight up on that hill that exhausted finally needs to rest and we are forced to fall asleep for not get in trouble.

But nothing is perfect, not even the unconscious and conscious relationship. And mine did make a mistake creating this paradox. The dream built to disguise the phone ring in a story that would keep me in my deep sleep, evidenced a time anomaly that piqued my curiosity. And now, here I am, not only awake but sacrificing sleep hours, wandering, rambling, digressing, trying to answer these questions about dreams, precognition, dimensions and time.

 By Viviana Gomez - January 3, 2013



  1. it also happened to me like a phone call but instead of the ring it's an actual call of my name

    1. Interesting... and a little spooky, but it is your own mind working for you

  2. I was dreaming that I was bring chased by someone with a gun so I hid in the closet under some clothes. I told myself in the dream if a phone goes off they'll find me. in less than a minute my phone actually did make a noise. revealing that I was in the room. freaks me out.. I woke up,