Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tauromachy from Spain to Atlantis.

Since a U.S.-led research team headed by  researcher Richard Freund and detailed in "Finding Atlantis," a National Geographic Channel special,  believe to located the lost city of Atlantis, the legendary metropolis, in mud flats in southern Spain, I started to wonder if the tauromachy  culture from Spain are related with the Atlantean system of bull worship described by Plato.

Plato says that the bull was important in Atlantis' culture. Since the beginning of Summer the bull was lunar and the horns represented the crescent moon. Another interesting aspect of Atlantean society is that some custom seems to have been preserved to this day. This is a custom, known to us all and with which some disagree, which is practiced mainly in Spain and southern France: the bullfight. The only difference with the bullfight is that the bulls are killed during capture here and during a sacrifice in Atlantis. The Atlantean kings knew in fact a religious custom, which was to catch a bull from a herd in semi-liberty in order to undergo a religious sacrifice. These same kinds of sacrifices existed in ancient Egypt. The Bible tells of sacrifices of bulls in honour of divine justice.