Are you gifted?

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25% guessing: average.
25%-45%: average with good luck.
more than 45%: you might be gifted.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I am writing this mail to you in an extremely helpless situation about my problem. I am a software engineer by profession, and have been facing a problem since the last couple of years, everywhere I go people seem to recognize me and talk things that I am thinking. At first, I found it to be wierd, but when I heard people read lines of code, that I was typing on my computer, I realized that they could read my mind. I was confused in that situation as to what I had to do, but when people became abusive and obscene in language, with things relating to my life and family, I got frustrated. It seemed as if people liked to mock me on my thoughts, my dreams and whatever there was personal in my life. I got completely depressed with the fact that even though people knew me, they weren't willing to say that they could actually read my mind, or that I could make them think what I think.

    Over the years, I began to assume what people were talking was actually true, as if things that are happening in my life are controlled by them. However, no one was trying to help make me realize that I had an ability to telepathy. Today, I am being treated like a machine, not a human being. People are creating a situation, wherein I am being verbally abused with obscene language and intentionally want me to respond back with telepathy. A complete mockery of my ability to do so, which apparently they have made it a entertainment.

    As mentioned earlier, I go to work everyday, in the expectation that this situation would change, but I am completely helpless to keep this god's gift as a "gift". I can still transmit information from my mind to others via telepathy, but people just do this over and over again without any regard to my state of mind. Sometimes, I start losing my mind and get frustrated, creating an outburst that people around me cunningly treat as an act of violation of decorum. I am dire need of professional help or to show my ability to a professional so that I can bring the best of my gift to the world.

    Please HELP me.

    Vivek Nair.